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Enjoy the SkyBox to the full
Your VIP place in the O2 arena!

Indulge in a luxurious experiential product, and watch your chosen programme in the O2 Arena in the maximum comfort of a closed private room, with refreshments


A unique location

You won't miss even a second of the event

If you are a discerning visitor, you will certainly appreciate the comfortable SkyBox. It provides you with a unique location, privacy and a splendid view.What's more, you will enter Arena´s by a VIP entrance. Now you will never miss anything again!


An unlimited number of flavours

Enjoy your event many times over

Watch the event with a wealth of refreshments, and a glass in your hand! Choose from an extensive food and drink menu. The free catering in the SkyBox and the Premier Club restaurant has been prepared especially for you.


2 hours before and 2 hours after the event

Arrive earlier and enjoy yourself longer

We will be happy to welcome you as much as 2 hours before the event. And you can also have fun for 2 hours after the event! In addition to the pleasant environment of the SkyBox, you can also avail of a selection of hot and cold delicacies from the VIP restaurant kitchen.


Unlimited drinks for everyone

A wealth of free catering, for an even greater experience

As a SkyBox visitor you can drink unlimited non-alcoholic drinks, beer, and wine by the glass (does not apply for ice hockey matches). An old hostess will look after your seating,comfort, catering and drinks for the entire duration of the event. The SkyBox will add a new dimension to your experience.


VIP restaurant

Eat and drink to your heart's content

With the SkyBox ticket you have free entry to the VIP resturant, where free food and drink has been prepared for you. We offer starters, salads, roast meats, main courses,several kinds of side dishes, desserts and fruit bowls.

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A 5% discount off your next visit

We will reward you for every purchase you make

We value our guests, and we reward repeat visits with a 5% discount. You will see how quickly you will get used to the comfortable SkyBox, with its hostess, refreshments, separate entrance, bathroom, Wi-Fi and TV circuit!



100% equipped, including accessories

Avail of your own bathroom and cloakroom

We want you to feel at home in the SkyBox. In addition to comfortable seating with audio-visual technology, we're sure you'll appreciate the entrance hall, with its own bathroom and cloakroom.