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VIP tickets Praha

Indulge in the luxurious experiential product VIP tickets, and watch your chosen cultural or sports programme in the privacy and comfort of a closed private room, with an extensive food and drinks menu free of charge. Avail also of the VIP tickets service – choose and order tickets for cultural events  from the comfort of your home.


A unique location

You won't miss even a second of the event

If you are a discerning visitor, you will certainly appreciate the comfortable SkyBox. It provides you with a unique location, privacy and a splendid view.What's more, you will enter Arena´s by a VIP entrance. Now you will never miss anything again!


An unlimited number of flavours

Enjoy your event many times over

Watch the event with a wealth of refreshments, and a glass in your hand! Choose from an extensive food and drink menu. The free catering in the SkyBox and the Premier Club restaurant has been prepared especially for you.

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music Concerts & Performances Watched from a unique private location, free hot and cold delicacies from the kitchen
hockey Ice hockey matches Experience it “at full blast“ thanks to the privacy, and the services in your residence – the SkyBox
sport Sports action You can enjoy an unprecedented view in the SkyBox, as well as free refreshments